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A Family Office is your global partner. Join the family.

A Family Office Ltd is a UK-registered service company. We are gathering a wide variety of corporate services under one umbrella. With this structure, we can offer multiple services through one point of contact.

A Family Office Ltd provides the following services for the Fiat and Crypto economies:

Our partner network includes everything from Banking and Payment Services to Corporate and Marketing Services.
Together with our partners, we have tens of years of experience in a wide variety of financial and media sectors.
Banking and Payment Solutions
Do You need bank accounts and payment cards for business or private use?
Project Payment Management
Do You need payment and cash flow management for local or global projects or transactions?
Dealmaker and Intermediary Services
Is a third party needed to negotiate on behalf of you to close a deal?
Crypto Services
Do you need help with an asset tokenisation project or Crypto payments and banking?
Social Media, Marketing and IT Services
Are you looking for a locally based Web Designer and Social Media Partner or an outsourced IT team?
Corporate Services
Are you raising capital, selling your business or expanding to new markets and jurisdictions?

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